Sorteo Èkstra

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Pa por kobra bo premio mas fásil nos ta pidi e ganadó pa kontrolá e informashon riba e lista aki i si mester koregí algu tuma kontakto ku FWNK na telefòn: +5999 7370059

Extra Drawing

’Extra Drawing’ is an additional drawing introduced by FWNK in 1998. FWNK organizes and operates the Extra Drawing, and the funds generated by this drawing are invested mainly in projects that aim to reduce gambling addiction and projects focused on combating illegal activities in the gambling sector.

How to play Sorteo Èkstra

How to play

How to fill out the form for the Extra Drawing

Due to privacy and security reasons, you must fill out the form for the Extra Drawing as follows:

  • Your first name or first initial and your last name; For instance, a person with the name John Doe can fill in John Doe or J. Doe on the form.
  • Your ID number filled in correctly, according to the valid ID that you will use when claiming your prize. For instance: if you fill in the number of your driver’s license on the form, you must bring your driver’s license when claiming your prize.

Please make sure to fill in the correct ID number on the form. If the ID number is incorrect, the form will NOT be valid.

(This has been a registration rule since June 15, 2017.)


Distribution of prizes for the Extra Drawing
Amount is:
Amount bought
Percentage Price   Next week
0.25 – 4.99   20% 4,000   20,000
5.00 – 9.99   40% 8,000   20,000
10.00 – 14.99   60% 12,000   20,000
15.00 – 19.99   80% 16,000   20,000
20.00 or more
  100% 20,000   20,000
How to claim your price

When you win the Extra Drawing, you can claim your prize at our office at Gaitoweg 5. Come with your form and the identification type that you used on the form: if you filled in your ID number on the form, bring your ID card (sédula). If you filled in the number of your driver’s license, then bring your driver’s license.

You can always claim your prize on the Wednesday following the Extra Drawing, between 10 am and 12 pm or between 1.30 and 5.00 pm.

If you want to authorize someone else to claim your prize, this person must bring a letter that contains the following information:

  • Your name, a copy of your ID card or driver’s license and also your signature.
  • Name of the person, his/her ID card or driver’s license and also his/her signature.
  • If you use two last names, write them both as they appear on your ID.