Fundashon Wega di Number Kòrsou was established as a foundation in 1986. Its objective:

  • draw the winning numbers of the Wega di number Kòrsou lottery;
  • carry out administration of the license fees; and
  • keep control over the collection of the license fees, in accordance with article 3 bis section 1 of the “Lotterijverordening 1909”.

The foundation is in charge of organizing the Wega di Number Lottery, calculating the license fees, and providing this information to the Treasury Department of Curaçao. This should facilitate the collection of the license fees by Curaçao’s Tax Collecting department ‘Ontvanger’.

‘Sorteo Èkstra’ is an additional raffle introduced by Fundashon Wega di Number Kòrsou in 1998. The foundation organizes, audits, and collects everything related to the Sorteo Èkstra.

Another important task is to supervise the Guarantee Fund as intended in article 5 paragraph 3 of the “Lotterijverordening 1909” Lottery by-laws.

According to its by-laws, the proceeds of Fundashon Wega di Number Kòrsou go towards strengthening the position of the foundation, investing in prevention of and in the fight against illegality and gambling addiction, and endorsing charities.