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Pa por kobra bo premio mas fásil nos ta pidi e ganadó pa kontrolá e informashon riba e lista aki i si mester koregí algu tuma kontakto ku FWNK na telefòn: +5999 7370059

General info

Mission and Goal

The mission of FWNK is to protect and promote the integrity of the lottery drawings and extra drawings and also to:

  • Manage the Guarantee Fund to be able to guarantee that the ones who buy their lottery tickets legally can still cash in 60% of their prize if the license holder (vendor) is unable to pay out the prize
  • Provide the Ministry of Finance with work that is objective, practical and transparent, and worthy of the trust of our community
  • Develop the lottery sector in Curaçao.

Additional Goals

  • Promote knowledge about the Curaçao Lottery (Wega di Number Kòrsou) by exchanging information between FWNK and the license holders (vendors).
  • Contribute to the fight against illegal sales of lottery tickets
  • Support sports projects
  • Contribute to the prevention of gambling addiction

Our goals comply with the lottery law “Loterijverordening 1909”.